Find Your Love with Tarot

We all need love in the world and love is something that we all need. Life without it is incomplete and the truth is, the meaning of life is love. Both life and death without love are alike because they are the emotions that make one body alive. Otherwise, there is no difference between a dead body and an emotionless inferior body. It is very difficult to find love today. In today’s world, one just cheats one another or finds himself cheating himself. In such a situation, it is very difficult to expect love.

In today’s world, there are many people who are clean-hearted in this world. Those whose hearts are full of love and they are just waiting for their true love, but their waiting does not end for some reason. His love does not come in his life. Why does this happen? We do not understand and get frustrated. If you see other people love then feel sad inside. Wish only with God that we too can find our true love, but there is a saying that God helps those who help themselves. So if you want love in your life, if you want your partner, then you have to help yourself and you can tarot your biggest help. Yes, tarot cards can help you find your love in your life. If you are alone, if there is no love in your life then you are responsible for it somewhere because you did not trust the tarot cards during the time. But there is a saying that when you wake up then the morning. So trust the tarot card and ask for help to get your love on the tarot card. Tarot cards will not disappoint you. You choose one of the cards in the tarot card and after selecting it, look at that card. If your heart is clean and you have taken a tarot card to get your love wholehearted then your card, love card will be there. Yes, if you have a love card then your love will come soon in your life.

This card tells you that you do not ever need to be frustrated about love and you do not even have to take any reliance on love. All you need is trust and patience. If your heart is clean and you have a clean, then your love will come very soon in your life. Till then, trust with the whole faith and trust with the tarot card and wait for the right time. The love of your life, the best companion of your life will come to you very soon. Believe it, because if there is trust then hope is and if everything is expected then everything is there.


Stages of the twin flame relationship

Many times in your life when you meet a new person, it feels like you know them and it feels like something very special connects you both. After sharing your experiences and lessons of life, you easily get close to the person. It’s not a coincidence. In the psychic world, they are called as twin flames. They are also called as soul mates or soul connections by the peoples around us. Twin flames are those peoples who were there with you in heaven before you came into this world. There are some tricks by which you can identify your twin flame on meeting them but it’s not that easy as in order to find your twin flame there is no step by step instructions written anywhere. In a relationship, you go through several stages and these stages can help you in a great manner to recognize the twin flames of you. So let’s discuss these stages.

Stage one: recognition
This is the amazing stage of finding your twin flame as this internal realization about the existence of twin flame relationship tends to surprise you. You have to physically meet the person for this stage. First date or a coincidental meeting are the occasions where this recognition can happen. Strange coincidences will make you believe that; yes this is your twin flame.

Stage two: testing
The honeymoon period of the relationship comes to the end during this stage. In this stage consideration of commitments would take place. In this stage evaluation of personal love by each individual is done. So what is the direction of both the twins are the same, their karmic paths can be different.

Stage three: crisis
This is the most uncomfortable stages of all where fear and anxiety takes place in the life of both the twins. Faith has to be tested during this stage. In this stage, you will see love becoming the last thing to think about at the time of crisis. It would not be a soul connection if both of the individual’s don’t experience the same amount of heartbreak.

Stage four: running
The running stage comes after the stage of the crisis. One twin runs in this stage. A huge amount of pain, anger, punishment, resistance etc. is felt by the twin who runs and he withdraws which makes the twin chase the experience that is equally painful. Both twins have to be aware that much greater force is there for them to complete the stage.

Stage five: Surrender
Here, Giving up is not the true meaning of surrender. It is about letting things go in order to get positive outcomes. You have to be attentive is this stage can have an effect on you for the rest of your life. The thing which is in their destiny, they should accept it. Releasing the ego of the human is the purpose of this stage.

Stage six: Awakening
Awakening is experienced by each of the twin flames in this stage. This awakening is much more powerful than the recognition in the first stage. The purpose of this stage is to get that love momentum back.

Stage seven: Reunion
All of the karmic tasks are accomplished by both the twins. Restoration of balance also established. A physical reunion takes place to combine the two souls; so that a third unified soul body can be created. The purpose of this stage is to reunite the twins to eternity.


Psychic Scams

We have been receiving emails from readers frequently stating that they have been contacted by a psychic who tells them they have some type of evil entity or curse on them that is preventing them from being successful in love, money and even health, which is further followed by their request for services to rid you off this entity or curse and for a hefty fee! We would recommend not to fall into the trap.
We all have disappointing love affairs, letdowns, sporadic depressions and money problems from time to time. This is called life and living the human condition. I personally have no issues while going to a psychic for reading who could guide us, but above experience is quite fishy from an unknown or rather un-credible psychic.

It’s a known fact even if a psychic could see an entity in your energy field, no payment of service is going to remove it! Psychics sense beyond the ordinary senses but I don’t know of any reputable ones who say they can eradicate the entity or curse. That is not being a psychic, moreover it can be a witch doctor. If we are so negative that we’ve attracted a negative being, then some hard questions need to be asked in the first place as to how this happened. It’s not normal to have dark forces cling to us so deeply that this effect surfaces in our life. Remember, like attracts like. This of course is separate from being in a place that is already occupied with a dark spirit, such as a haunted house. But in that case, we can just remove ourselves from the location.

I feel there no evidence to prove curses are real. While human create their own problems and blame readily on demons and curses for their situation. If we are in a mess, we should rather spend more time rectifying how we got here. More than hard luck its poor planning, procrastination, lack of self control or the inability to make changes when change is needed. More than likely it’s you who has created the situation and after you’ve paid the cash for curse removal, you’re going to find you’re still stuck with you. Thinking about curses finding remedy are rather old ideas and beliefs that should be put back on the bookshelf along with the one about Hansel and Gretel.

We should understand that psychics give guidance, not cures. External cure is a myth when it comes to personal development. Even a therapist is going to make you walk through your own life-steps and make the behavioral modifications needed to improve your situation. The duty of carrying out work is always placed on us. While depriving yourself with this power, somehow tend others to take charge leading us to be taken advantage off.
However, if you still feel you’re the victim of a curse or negative being, there is plenty of material online (and for free) about how to eradicate this through positive thoughts, light work, healing the blocked or damaged chakras that may have caused the “opening” and so on. In other words, you have all the power you need to fix this yourself.

Aura, healing energy, extrasensory perception - woman and man silhouette


The human aura is described as a hazy bubble of light that surrounds a human being from head to toe. Each layer of the aura relates to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual conditions of an individual. Energetic vibrations of a person’s thoughts, feelings, state of health, awareness, and past experiences are stored in the different aura layers. An aura has multiple layers that interact and relay information between the body through its seven chakra energy centers, and the immediate external environment.

The etheric layer is the first layer of the aura and spans ½ inch to 2 inches from the surface of the skin, outlining the body. This field of energy connects primarily with the first chakra, our organs, glands and meridians, and relates to the condition and health of the physical body.
Second layer of aura is about one to three inches from the body. This is an important layer and need to be well maintained as this connects first and third layer of aura.This layer exhibit emotions and feelings.
Third layer of aura extend between three to eight inches. This represents your mental ability and creativity of mind. It is in yellow shade.
Fourth layer is your spiritual attributes reflect with vibrant rainbow colours. This is of approx one foot span.
Fifth layer extend about two feets. This contains various physical form of the world.
Sixth layer is up to two and a half feet span. This layer is of mostly spiritual realms and unconditional love.
Seventh layer is the outermost layer of aura, it holds all other layers and can span more than three feet. This connects the soul with the universe, making you divine.

All these layers of aura can work properly only if all the chakras are balanced so that all the layers of aura are well defined at their position. If there is any problem in any of the chakra, it reflect in the personality and aura of the individual. For more on auras, spiritual matters please check out the website


Animal totem

Animal totem, refers to the spirit guide which helps you in learning and realization of our inner qualities. Today we all are busy in our own work and give very less importance to our natural characteristics. Animals still do use their characteristics and instinct in their natural form, there instincts are best conveyed to humans with these animal totems.

Animal totem is further divided into other subtypes. One of the most talked totem is bird totem. Bird totem is the characteristic and intuition shared with the particular bird spirit guide. One can develop the art of listening messages from your bird totem by relaxing your mind and understanding your bird. You can find your bird totem by doing meditation or even at times in dreams. For more on totems visit

Some of the key bird totem includes

Eagle:- Eagle being a totem bird means you speak directly to spirit and can help you see big picture. This is the bird which helps you see the world with new vision

Rooster:- Rooster being a totem bird means you have good sense of humor, and your totem bird will also help in realizing your hidden potential and your uniqueness.

Owl:- Owl being a totem bird means you can enjoy wisdom from silence. Whenever you need to search the truth just find help from your bird totem.

Similar to these birds, there can be different bird totems based on your natural characteristics. They help making you more conscious about your inner qualities and save you from upcoming harms.



Importance of consulting a Psychic: Why and when you should consider visiting them?

There is no one in this world living in 100% peace. Some of them suffer more while some of them go through temporary problems that are sorted in some time. There are also many such people and families living across the globe that think themselves to be confined in such trauma and relentless pain where they fail to find peace or even a ray of hope. A psychic can help them.

A psychic is a gifted individual with the power of clear-vision and clear-sense they perceive more than what normal people do. You can call it a highest form of intuition that has been practiced and scaled in a refined manner when a person becomes a physic and spread their hands to mankind and try to help them from their sufferings.

There is no such psychic in this world that can guarantee the complete cure or remedy for which the clients meet them. You can call them torchbearers just like the teachers or the preachers that take the responsibility of helping the novice to choose the right way- the way of light and salvation. Here, as you are off to know more about the importance of consulting a psychic, I am going to provide a couple of ideas that will help you to know why and when should you consider visiting any of those professional soothsayers.

To find peace of mind

If you’re losing the peace of mind whether in the home front or that in the workplace, you can consult a psychic. There a lot’s of them to choose from but in our experience the Danish mediums at are among the very best you can get, and that’s worldwide. Since many of you danish people understand Norwegian you can also give spå and spåtjenester24 a try. We know them very well and they actually have Danish speaking mediums there.  Give them a call or chat with any of the most reputed professionals from your countenance and discuss the situation. Let the psychic give you the answers. Find out whatever they are saying are matching your situation or not.

There are the talented soothsayers that can share the right things with you. By using their psychic powers and ability to contact the angels or the supernatural powers, they can know about your trouble bugging your peace of mind. You must listen to the cure they suggest to reduce the pain that you are in. It is not any guaranteed cure, but definitely you can enjoy the change that will help in getting back the peace of mind you lost.

Dealing with the evil entities

Do you think that any evil entity is causing trouble? For example- there is something unholy in the new house, or your kids are behaving oddly in the recent past, or you can listen to some strange noises at home- then there are chances that may be some evil entity is there in your house or life. Consult a tarot reader or a psychic that can help you with effective solutions to get rid of the evil spirit causing trouble.

These are some of the most important times when you can be highly helped by the psychics. On a happier note- they also work as a messiah for the lovers and married couples as well! Do consult with them regarding any of the issues you have in your personal or professional life for the effective solutions.

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What Happens During the First Meeting with a Psychic Medium?

Psychics and mediums are terms that always interest us, but when we plan to go for our very first visit to a psychic our mind is clouded with doubt, anxiety, and fear. Many people do not know what will happen and this makes them all the more worried. However, such strong emotions can affect your energy and this can alter the way a psychic medium does her/his reading. So let us prepare you for your first session so that you have no doubts, and shall enjoy a proper, helpful reading.

What can you expect during your first reading?

The first reading will basically be a one-to-one conversation or meeting with your psychic medium or counselor. You will meet in a meditative quiet area, wherein your reader will study your energy and answer issues and questions that you ask.

Your psychic, during the first meeting, will try to provide you with evidence trying to show that he/she is not fooling you. He/she will spend enough time with you and show you that they indeed are gifted and talented at what they are doing. The psychic will not be telling you what exactly will be happening in your life in the next few months, but without a doubt, he/she will be able to tell you things about your life in a way as if they were a part of it.

What else can your reader do for you?

Your psychic medium should also be able to offer you practical and helpful details about your situation. He/she may also give you some suggestions on how these situations can be used for your benefit. Though a reader will not exactly be able to predict what will happen with you in the future, but can let you know what likely will happen if people surrounding you continue to act the way they do now.

Your psychic’s readings are probabilities, and it is not your destiny or fate that cannot be changed. The readings will give you a better insight into your own self and also give you a clearer understanding of those around you. Also, you will get to know which areas of your life you need to know about and focus on. A psychic such as the ones you’ll find at can further help you learn the right ways to live and think so that you can enjoy more accomplishments in life.

Things to remember:

· The readings are not your decided future – Remember that whatever the psychic says is not your decided future, and you have the power to change and shape it, despite what the reading suggests.

· Different psychic have different ways – No two psychic necessarily has to work in a similar way. No method is good or bad, and it just depends on the person using it. Rather than depending on the way a psychic medium works, it will be best to find out how popular he/she is, and how long a list of satisfied clients they have.

· Be prepared and stay honest – be ready with all the questions you want to ask, and your psychic will answer all of them, as long as your appointment duration allows. Also, be completely honest during the session. If your psychic says things that are true you should not deny it. If you do not understand something he is saying, speak up, instead of leaving the sessions with doubts.

Once the reading is over, spend some alone time thinking about it. If you have recorded it, it will be a great idea to listen to it at least 2 times for a better understanding. Once everything is clear, use the reading to help yourself grow, use it as a guidance to a better and happier life.


The Most Important About Phone Psychic Readings

Phone psychic reading

A phone psychic reading is very common today, but long ago this hardly ever happened. In fact, the best place one could get a psychic readings in those past days was to make an appointment with a suitable psychic. Usually, the service was given via the classified advertisement of newspapers or magazines. Or ordinarily at a visiting fair.

mediums livingroom

When the telephone companies were deregulated about 20 years ago, a lot of extra services quickly started, together with the opportunity to have a psychic phone reading. Initially, many people were dubious about this, believing that the only way to get psychic advice, was by face to face. This is understandable, as a lot of folks fail to understand how you could get an actual reading if they are not sitting in front of you. However, for many years before phone readings, psychics gave readings via the postal service. And very successfully too.

Psychic readings are personal

For any psychic phone reading to be right and instructive, some things will be crucial. To begin with, its important that anyone is getting the psychic reading be alone and somewhere quiet. Psychic readings are personal, so with others in your presence, you are less inclined to want to delve into these matters. As such, the reading will not be all it could. You need to be open and honest with an esoteric if you want an accurate reading. If your mind is closed, the energy will not be as strong, and the reading will show this. It is important that there’s honest communication at all levels, and in particular, the mind.

Its basic Additionally, to have belief in the force of the psychic world. Despite the fact that a man might need to confide in this, there are regularly a few questions. We live in an undeniably wary world, and with so much negative reputation encompassing psychic administrations, your belief in all aspects psychic can be lessened.

Also, before making the call, it is crucial that you make a wish relating to the concern that troubles you most. And have faith in this. A wish that’s true and honest will help to reinforce the energy around your questions, and the final reading will be so much better. Many people don’t have very much trust in wishes. But, in having a strong belief, you will instill a deep belief that what you need to come about, can indeed take place.

Concentrate on the issue

,A final point worth remembering is to be patient. Currently, people are hurried and want instantaneous answers, and believe they can obtain immediate phone psychic readings with quick answers to their questions. This will not occur very often. A psychic requires some time to lay the cards out and concentrate on the issue, and several answers are not always instant. Sometimes, some time might elapse before the messages become lucid. So yes, a phone psychic reading does work, but don’t call up a psychic and be expecting instant answers. Getting clear answers take time.

In summing up, pick a time and place where you shall have,glory, peace and quiet environment. Have the total certainity with the psychic dimension. Make a fervent wish that you will get your heart’s desire. Do not be in a hurry if you don’t hear what you want initially. By doing this, you will quickly find that your reading can be unexpectedly good. And often, a great deal more than you were hoping for.¨


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